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Adding Color to Your Wedding with Unity Sand


A wedding ceremony is steeped with all kind of traditions; some secular and others religious which are all dependent on the desires and the background of the groom and the bride. Unity sand ceremony aims at acknowledging the contributions of the grooms family, the brides family as well as children if they are already there.

Generally, there are two major types of unity ceremonies that can take place in a wedding ceremony. The first one is about uniting candle flames while the other one is about blending colored sands. The latter is gaining increased use in most weddings and that is why this article is aimed at talking about. The sand unity ceremony is not only beautiful, it also has some significance to those doing it.


The ceremony however, signifies the unity between the bride and the groom as well as their families as they work towards doing life together. It mainly happens after the wedding rings and vows have been exchanged but before the pronunciation that the bride and the groom are a husband and a wife. You can get some ideas from these wedding sand samples.


The unity sand ceremony s very inclusive as it allows the family members for both the groom and the bride to take part in it. Many couples who are planning a wedding like this ceremony as it works very well with an outdoor wedding and is often a good way of acknowledging existing children for the couples as they often blend very



For the sand ceremony to be conducted there has to be at least three vases. One of the three vases should be larger than the others.  The large vase is filled with the base sand and in most religious weddings; it will be white to signify the base in which their wedding is base while the smaller vases will have sand from sandsationalsparkle.com of different colors. The center vase is also clear in order to be able to see the artistry of the sand.


During the pouring of the sand into the central vase, the bride and the groom may say words or vows expressing their unity. However, if they are to involve the children in this ceremony, they may save a little sand for them to pour together at the end of the ceremony. Sand is readily available to be bought online or for those that live near a beach, they may find it at the places along the beach. The center vessel can be engraved with the names of the bride and the groom as well as the wedding dates to give it a more personalized look. Check out this website at http://bigbangtheory.wikia.com/wiki/Las_Vegas_Wedding_Chapel_Minister for more facts about weddings.